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Cycling shorts are the first thing you should buy when putting together your new season's cycling kit. The most essential piece of cycling clothing, padded cycling shorts feature reinforced protective padding which support sensitive areas of the body during long, difficult rides. Whilst they are intended more for comfort and performance than as a fashion accessory, our range does feature top-end Italian brands such as Castelli, Nalini, Pella and Bianchi, with professional styling and detail in every garment.

At ProBikeKit New Zealand we have a huge range of padded bib shorts, designed to promote even more comfort and functionality on the bike. Bib cycling shorts are held up securely by two shoulder straps, which can take pressure off the waistband when hunched over the bike for long periods of time. Bib shorts will also stay in a fixed position due to the straps, which many cyclists value.

If you still prefer the traditional cycle short however, then you can’t go wrong. Tried and tested over decades, the padded cycling short is lightweight, compact and makes toilet stops that little bit easier!

Browse through our extensive range of cycling shorts below, and purchase for a great value price today!
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