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Whether adorning a road or mountain bike, Continental’s bike tyres are some of the most widely seen in both professional and amateur bike racing. Variations of the brand’s Grand Prix range have been ridden to victory in countless races, at the highest echelons of the sport. Whether it’s a high-performance road tyre for contesting Grand Tour stage wins, or something reliable and durable for all-season commuting, then our range of ‘Conti’ bike tyres is sure to have something for you.

Engineering Excellence

Being able to draw on more than 150 years of experience in manufacturing tyres, it’s easy to understand how Continental is able to produce such technically outstanding products year after year. In all of its products, the German manufacturers incorporate a number of different proprietary technologies. Not least of all, the highly sought after BlackChilli compound — used in its motoring range too — which adds grip and durability, while lowering rolling resistance. In short, this creates a tyre which is faster, handles better, and lasts longer.

Across its broad range, there’s a tyre for any cycling occasion. If it’s something fast rolling and grippy for road racing and speedy bunch rides, it’s difficult to look beyond the world famous GP5000. A brand name so synonymous in cycling even Hoover would be impressed. But don’t be deterred if road racing isn’t for you. Continental have applied their considerable tyre making prowess to producing equally reputable for mountain biking. Or, if it’s a reliable and durable option for commuting in all weathers, then look no further. Regardless of what type your purchasing, you can be assured of its quality. Almost all of Conti’s tyres come with the reassuring badge of engineering proficiency “handmade in Germany”.

Whether you ride on tarmac or off road, Continental has a huge array of bike tyres perfect for the job. Shop the range at ProBikeKit.