Bike Components

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Bike components are essential to the everyday upkeep and maintenance of your bikes - if you don’t look after them they will soon become unreliable and deteriorate. Whether it is your commuting bike or your race bike, it will need servicing and fixing at regular intervals. Chain and cassettes are common bike parts to wear out so you may want to change these approximately every 1500 miles. Brake blocks are also bike parts that wear out quickly and if neglected can lead to premature deterioration of your rims.

It could be that you are just looking to upgrade a few old bicycle parts or replace your bottom bracket. At ProBikeKit New Zealand, we stock many bike components that will cover just about any of your cycling needs, including brakes and brake pads, cables, cassettes, sprockets, derailleurs, chains, cranksets and much more! Treat yourself (or your bike) to some much needed bike components from our wide range below!

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