Hutchinson Tyres

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Since 1890 Hutchinson Cycling have been producing some of the highest quality bicycle tyres in the industry. If this level of experience wasn’t enough, to this day the company works with some of the top performing athletes in the world, across a variety of disciplines. The company are very keen on taking feedback from these high-performing athletes and continually refining their products.

All Hutchinson tyres are produced in their French factory; the only major tyre maker that continues to do so. From this base, the brand also houses its performance centre. In here the engineers conduct research and performance tests with pro athletes.

A Varied Range of Rubber

The range offered is varied, catering to road cyclists, gravel adventurers, and commuters. The Sector Tubeless Hardskin tyre, for example, is perfect for challenging roads and some lighter gravel. Designed for pro teams racing the Spring Classics, they’re a fast-rolling tyre that grips well, and doesn’t compromise on durability. If you need something that can handle any sort of road surface, then this is an excellent option.

Adventure and Gravel

For the pure gravel adventurers, the French company offers the Tundra. The Tundra has been designed for proper gravel rides, that include muddy trails and tricky descents. Suitable for use all-year round, it offers a great combination of speed and technical capability.

Performance Minded

For the performance-mind, road cyclist Hutchinson has this covered with the Fusion 5 Performance tyre, available in all black or tan. The Fusion 5 Performance is an excellent all-rounder. It combines puncture resistance with speed to be an ideal tyre for punchy Sunday club runs, café rides, or commuting.

So, whatever type of rider you are or cycling you do, there’s bound to be an option here for you.