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Literally brighten up your bike rides with a front bike light. It goes without saying (or at least it should) that when riding at night front bike lights are an essential accessory that enable you to see and be seen. From powerful front lights that’ll illuminate the darkest of country lanes and trails, to simple flashing lights to ensure you’re visible on urban roads, we stock a ride range of some of the best lights going. From brands such as LezyneCateyeNiteRider, and Knog there’s bound to be an option to suit your riding. Be sure to check out our rear and bike lights sets too.
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A top-quality front bike light is an absolute must have accessory if you ride after dark or in low-visibility conditions; even during the day, daytime running lights can be an effective way to make you more visible to other road users. It’s important to note as well, in the UK it’s a legal requirement to have a light on display after dark.

How To Choose a Front Bike Light

There are broadly two types of lights to consider: a light that illuminates the road or trail, enabling you to see, and those that provide enough light to enable other road users to see you. The strength of the brightness on a light is measured in lumens. If you’re looking for a light that’ll help you be seen you should look for at least 200 lumens, and for darker, unlit roads you’ll want at least 400 lumens. If you’re going out into the wilderness and mountain-biking off road, you’ll need something at least over 1,000 lumens, with 1,5000 lumens likely providing enough if you ride fast and technical trails.

It'll be important to consider other factors, too. The battery life, of course, is very important. There’s not much point having the best and brightest light on the market if it can’t even make it to the end of your commute. When considering battery life, be sure to look at claimed battery life when the light is on different settings.

Beam Me Up

The beam of the front light is important too. A highly focused beam is great for lighting up the road or trail directly in front of you, but you’ll also want to consider the peripheral spread of the beam. If it’s too narrowly focused road users will have difficulty seeing you from different angles and you might have a hard time spotting hazards not directly in the beam’s range.