Handlebar Tape

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Beginner cyclists might not think about this, but handlebar tape does wear out with heavy use. Freshly wrapped tape will give a not-so-new-anymore bike a completely rejuvenated feel. Suddenly the grip and control you have over the handlebars will feel sturdy and steady, giving a new lease of life to your aging bike.

For seasoned cyclists who've been through countless rolls of handlebar tape, buying a new wrap is a ritual well-anticipated - the feel of the new grip reminding them why they love cycling so much.

A colour for every rider

Many cyclists go for black tape, as it matches everything and is subtle in its style and look, but many can go for all manners of crazy colours. From yellow to green and red to blue, at Probikekit we have every colour you could imagine, just simply match it to your frame!

We stock the more traditional cork bar tape as well as new and advanced formulas, the one you choose is entirely up to you...

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